Private, Buddy-workout, (Skype) Online & Consultations.

Private Sessions:

Personal Training sessions with Christine in her private home gym. This private setting allows you to focus without distractions and use clean and modern equipment to help you attain the best results possible.


Single Session $115

Monthly Packages:

$400/month         1 session/week

$760/month         2 sessions/week

$1080/month      3 sessions/week

$1360/month      4 sessions/week

$1600/month      5 sessions/week




(Skype) Online Sessions:

$60 for 30 minutes




In-depth analysis and program designed for you to take with you and do on your own. This works great for athletes or people who already have a solid workout routine and understanding of fitness fundamentals. I take you step by step doing a full reset of you body and taking you thru your program so you feel comfortable executing it daily on your own time.

$275  generally takes about 2 hours

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