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Why Training hasn’t worked

You wouldn’t take your broken down car to a body shop to get engine work. So why would you spend your time and money on someone who only understands the the basics of personal training without an in-depth knowledge of how your body is functioning at its core?

Perfectly Balanced Body starts with bringing back the Personal in Personal Training. What is necessary for your body to get back to performing at its highest level is not what is necessary for the next person. Every single aspect of our lives, from the broken toe in high school to the repetitive movements of our work and hobbies, starts to change our soft tissue and and how we move and fuction. I want to  give you the knowledge and tools to take with you for the rest of your life to better understand your body, and make sure that it continues to perform at whatever level you ask of it.

A different approach

The majority of personal trainers are only adequate at giving you a sense of accountability and general knowledge of basic gym equipment. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a lack of desire to help people. This is due to the insanely simple educational process required to become one.  This eventually leads to greater imbalances and injury due to the lack of Kinesiology and Movement Science Fundamentals. I can’t tell you how many of my clients are trainers, pilates, yoga instructers and even the owners of some of the largest fitness studios in the world. They are focused on what you see on the outside with a general programing to help the masses, ignoring the complex differences of how each body has been changed over its lifetime. Doing the same thing over and over again or worse, changing up the routine daily, does not give you lasting results if it is not specifically designed for YOU.

Time and time again I hear the same complaints:

That knee always hurts, it’s just old age. I just can’t do certain things anymore.”

Well then explain to me why the other knee doesn’t hurt? Im pretty sure they are the same age.

“My back has never been the same since that accident over a decade ago.”

How much soft tissue work did you have done post-accident? Do you routinely stretch your hamstrings?

“None. And yes, every day they feel tight.”

Stretching your hamstrings is the WORST thing you can do for lower back pain. We actually have to address some muscles on the front side of your body to get you relief.

“My knees are shot and have no cartilage left so I can never run or do impact sports again”

Cartilage actually DOES regrow just like everything else in your body. I’m living proof, going from zero in both knees to fully restored years later. The problem is that it regrows very slowly and most people don’t do the correct workout programs that actually create space inside the knee joint. The muscular disfunction keeps the bone on the bone and wears it down before it has a chance to regenerate. It only took me one 45 minute painful foam rolling session before I was able to walk up stairs without pain in my knees for the first time in 8 years.

“After the surgery the pain came back.”

Sometimes surgery is the only option, but in my experience, whatever injury or disfunction that caused the pain leading to surgery is not addressed when you’re on the table. They don’t break apart fascial adhesion that the body created to protect that spot after the surgery. They don’t stretch the over active muscles that keep pulling on the joint. They don’t strengthen the muscles that have literally been SHUT OFF from the imbalance. That is why the pain always comes back. Especially issues with the spine and disks. For example, when a lumbar disk is fused because of extreme damage to the disks, the next disk up will start to have issues and eventually need to be fused as well, since there are still muscular imbalances putting strain on that joint. It even happens at a faster pace than the first disk destruction, because now you have introduced a fixed structure where there should be some natural movement. This causes the body to increase the movement of the two joints above and below to try to maintain normal function, which they are not designed to compensate for.

“I’ve been trying to strengthen my back for years to help my posture but it doesn’t seem to help.”

Working a muscle that is over lengthened and tight will not strengthen it by itself. There are restrictions at play in another section of the body, that if not released prior to the exercise, will get you ZERO results.

Same goes for stretching. You cannot stretch a muscle back to its functional length without first breaking apart scar tissue and adhesions through myofascial release. Then you deal with the nervous systems to retrain this new length.

Bottom line

It doesn’t matter if you’re 9 or 90, your body is designed to heal itself. The pain you are in is there to alert you that something needs to change. A Clinical Massage Therapy background allows me to translate the pain and quickly make programs that not only provide relief, but also strengthen to make sure it never comes back.  Everyone deserves to be pain free and live the most balanced life they can dream of.  Not only will my training reset and strengthen your body, but you will move forward with a greater understanding of how to maintain that balance for the rest of your life.