“Fitness and health are so much more than going through the same routine day in and day out. Our lifestyles have changed our bodies to the point of muscular imbalance that lead to joint pain, early onset arthritis, overall sluggishness and frustration. Stop listening to the next quick fix and start listening to what your body needs. Turn the clock back and get a full body reset. Get the tools YOUR body requires to undo years of wear and tear, so you can finally be allowed the freedom to do more of what you love.” – Christine Bauman

Christine’s background as a Nationally Certified Massage Practitioner who specialized in Clinical Massage Therapy gave her an in-depth understanding of injuries and postural imbalances that you just don’t find in traditional Personal Trainers. Even Kinesiology majors and Physical Therapists are limited in what they can provide. She fell into Training after years of being frustrated that after fixing a client on the table, they would go back to their lives, fall back into their same postural dysfunctions, and the pain would eventually come back.

A close friend, client, and corporate gym manager, started asking for advice for his trainers after seeing the results of her work on him personally. This lead her into the realm of personal training, training trainers, and eventually the perfect hybrid approach using her knowledge from both fields to create the most specialized and unique training system out there. Over the last decade she has helped thousands of people rebalance their bodies, become pain free, and start living the life they have always dreamed. A session with her feels like you are getting the inside scoop on what your body has been trying to tell you for years. Several clients even became trainers after seeing how effective and powerful this approach is. She has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and some of her training certifications are listed below.








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