I would just  like to take this opportunity to formally thank and share my experience training with Christine for the past 3 months.
When it was my first session with Christine, I had no idea what I was in for. I told her my goals: Basically, I want to be fit! Muscle toning, endurance, and to gain knowledge of how to use the machines, exercises, and nutrition. Christine went beyond those things I have asked for. Every session I had with her was well worth the pain, the sweat that she would put me through. All of our sessions consist of a complete workout or training. She knew the spots that needed to be hit and focus on. She showed me the right way to use the machines, watched my forms and positions to avoid injury but feel the burn where the area that needed to be hit. There were times, I would tell her the following session that I was sore and she knew exactly what to do. She is an all around trainer! She is an expert of her profession. She just doesn’t train you hard, she motivates you! She knows my limit but pushes me to the extent that I didn’t know it was possible for me to do. She is just not a trainer at the gym, she follows up with me outside the gym. She would check with me of what workouts I did the days I didn’t have a session with her and would advice me when it comes to my eating habits. Many times, I wish I could just take her with me to maintain the discipline and not lose my focus. It is so hard to do it all on my own, I am only a beginner but I am so glad that I took it upon myself to get myself a personal trainer! I am so ecstatic of my very first experience!
I am not completely finish yet or say I have achieved my fitness goals but I am more than halfway! I am more knowledgeable, aware of what my body needs which is to live a healthy life by maintaining my fitness routines and watching what I eat. I am more motivated now to do more than I ever thought I could ever do. I didn’t even think 3 months ago that it is possible for me to do push ups or any vigorous workouts, to have muscle definition, to have good endurance to run 5ks, 10ks and maybe a half or full marathon in my lifetime. This experience really gave me a whole new perspective of myself, my life, like it’s possible to be called an athlete. I feel GREAT!! I am stronger, motivated and there’s no turning back to the old, flabby, weak self! Getting in shape gives me so much confidence mentally, physically and emotionally that anything I put my heart into is possible! Our health really plays a very important role in our life, it affects everything we’re involved in! I wish I could have done this sooner like 5 years ago but the most awesome part is I am doing it now and have no plans of backing down! I even feel 5 years younger and it shows!  I have to thank my trainer for all this, for being there to guide me every step of the way! If I could keep her as my permanent trainer, I’d definitely do so! She is AWESOME!




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